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Why was Charles Lindbergh JR kidnapped and murdered?

It is presumed that the kidnapping of aviator Charles Lindbergh's baby son was for money. Three ransom notes were received after the kidnapping, with the second and third each (MORE)

Why are people kidnapped?

Some people that are kidnapped are from rich families. This is because the kidnappers demand a large sum of ransom money, otherwise they won't return whoever has been kidnappe (MORE)

When did the Lindbergh kidnapping take place?

The Lindburgh baby, Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., was kidnapped on March 1, 1932. He was 19 months old at the time. The kidnapper demanded and received $150,000 in ransom money, (MORE)

Why is kidnapping called kidnapping?

Appropriately enough, kidnapper seems to have originated among those who perpetrate this crime. We know this because kid and napper, the two parts of the compound, were slang (MORE)

When did Sacagawea get kidnapped?

She was kidnapped when the Shoshones (Sacagawea's tribe) went to war with the Hidatsa tribe. She was kidnapped with several other girls. It was very common back then to mostl (MORE)
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When did they kidnap the slaves?

    In the early and late 1800's       Answer     Slavery has been around since ancient times. The Catholic Church formally approved slavery in the (MORE)