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What is the line snapping in line rider do?

it snaps the line. ex. _______ ______ see the space, with line snapping the secong line will attach itself to the nearest line giving you a line like this _______________ (MORE)
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What is a line?

A line is a straight path of points that go on forever in 2directions. A line is also something called in a poem. A line is a collection of points that goes on forever in bo (MORE)
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What is a line which cuts parallel line?

The line that cuts a parallel line is called a TRANSVERSAL. When you have parallel lines and you want to show like corresponding, vertical, ect.... then the line that cut thro (MORE)
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What are line graphs line plots?

Line Graphs: have lines connecting each graphed data. Line Plots: have Xs for each time the value is repeated.
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Is it in line or on line?

The soldiers stood in line . An inline fuel filter in a car fits between two hoses and fuel flows through it. Online help, online dating, online gaming, modem is (MORE)
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Can you be on line and not be on line?

type your username and password click the apple on your computer and to log out click the apple again and go all the way down and click log out.
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What is line-?

A line is simply some length of cord, rope, or wire to be used forsome purpose.
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What is an A line?

An A line is a piece of garment that is slightly flared from narrowshoulders or waist.