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What are the line coding methods?

· 4B3T  · 4B5B  · 2B1Q  · Hamming Code  · 8b/10b encoding  · 64b/66b encoding  · 6b/8b encoding  · (MORE)

What is the color code for water lines?

DEAR All, I hope this answer may give some clarity to identify waterline, if it wrong plz correct me, usually water doesn't have any color, but it doesn't mean that we shoul (MORE)

What is Difference between line of code and function point?

Lines of code is a software used to measure the amount of code in a  software program. It estimates the amount of exertion that is  needed to develop a program. Function poi (MORE)

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How many lines of code are in World of Warcraft?

Although current figures are a little hard to guesstimate (being at the end of an expansion and getting ready for another one), In Wrath of the Lich King, there were approxima (MORE)