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What is the difference between a cyclotron and a linear particle accelerator?

  The primary difference is that the cyclotron provides a "circular" path for the accelerated particles, and the linear accelerator provides a "straight tunnel" as a pathw (MORE)
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What does uniformly accelerated linear motion mean?

If a body is uniformly accelerated, then it's velocity is changing by equal amounts in equal times. Suppose you drop a lead ball from a high tower. At the moment you drop it, (MORE)

How much does a linear accelerator cost?

If your talking about one for cancer treatment in a radiotherapy department, depending on the whether you have a basic machine or a one with all the add ons - IMRT and IGRT ca (MORE)
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What detects linear acceleration in the ear?

The utricle and macula are a part of the vestibular. Macula responds to linear acceleration and deceleration. So the vestibular detects linear acceleration.
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What are differences of uniform linear acceleration to acceleration due to gravity?

Gravitational acceleration is defined as the acceleration of an  object caused by the force of gravitation, where all small bodies  accelerate in a gravitational field at th (MORE)