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Can you cover an old liner with a new liner?

  Yes, it can be accomplished. But you would need to install new bead receptor over the existing bead receptor and the old liner should not have any wrinkes. But if the po (MORE)
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What is a denture liner?

Answer   It is a softer acrylic under the denture, put there for sensitive gums.   # Denture liners can be hard or soft, temporary or permanent.  # Denture liners can (MORE)

Can you use eyeliner or eyebrow liner as an lip liner?

Yes, I do it too. It works pretty well too. Especially if you are wearing a deep brown or blackish lipstick.       Yes, but I would not recommend using lip liner (MORE)

How thick is a pool liner?

It depends on the pool, but it appears that on average they run around 20 Gauge, or the slightly thicker 20 Mil. Both of these are roughly .5 mm or .02 inch. 25 Mil/Gauge is t (MORE)

Can a pool liner be installed over another pool liner?

You can but it's not recommended. Kind of like sleeping with two shirts on at night. The shirt on top will shift and the shirt on bottom will shift differently. Can lead to al (MORE)

Is it difficult to change from overlap liner to beaded liner?

There is no more difficulty involved in changing your overlap liner to a beaded liner, then there is in just replacing your overlap liner. The initial requirement of taking of (MORE)