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What are three Linux distributions?

If I had to type all the Linux distros that exist, I'd be here for a long time. Common ones are: Ubuntu (and derivatives such as Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.) openSUSE Fed (MORE)
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What is meant by i386 and i686 in Linux distributions?

i386 and i686 are identifiers that indicate what type of processor the system will run on. i386 means that the system was compiled for the Intel 80386 (a very old processor), (MORE)

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Which Linux distribution does Linus Torvalds favor?

Linus Torvalds uses Fedora.     He did an interview in 2008 where he talked about distributions. He uses Fedora on most of his computers, but really doesn't focus o (MORE)
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What is the best Linux distribution for a starter migrating from windows?

Several Linux distributions can be considered "easy to use" or "newb-friendly", such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xandros, or OpenSUSE. Rather than recommending just one, I would sugge (MORE)

What are the differences between Linux distributions?

  There are many Linux distributions because not everyone agrees on various issues. Some distros are willing to include proprietary software; others are not. Some want pac (MORE)