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What is a lion?

A lion is a creature which is strong and fierce. It lives in the  Africa plains and hunt tons of different types of antelope. Lions  are common in Zoos all over the U.S.  (MORE)
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What do lions do?

Lions don't really "do" anything. They eat, breathe, breed,hunt for food, go to the bathroom, and so on. Nothing interesting that is out of the ordinary. Lions can know how (MORE)
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What about lions?

  Well lions are animals what WANT to live not die,I don't like it when people want to kill them,I think it's actually mean.
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What can a lion do?

Lions live in prides, hunting in groups, their prey includes widebeast, zebra, gazzelle and antolope. Lionesses do the hunting, and the males guards its territory, and the pri (MORE)