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What can a lion do?

Lions live in prides, hunting in groups, their prey includes widebeast, zebra, gazzelle and antolope. Lionesses do the hunting, and the males guards its territory, and the pri (MORE)

How do you get a bird out of there cage?

It's wings should be clipped. Small bird, you grab it, hold it gently until it figures out that you aren't going to eat it. It should be willing to sit on your finger after a (MORE)

What is a cage code?

The Commercial And Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agenc (MORE)
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What does a roll cage do?

A roll cage is what protects the driver if a crash occurs. It's something that is necessary on all racing cars and has been proven to save lives. There are even roll cages on (MORE)

Are John Cage and Nicholas Cage related?

  No, Nicolas Cage is the nephew of a famous director Francis Ford Coppola. His given name was Nicolas Kim Cappolla. Which he changed to avoid the appearance of nepotism (MORE)

What is a lion?

A lion is a creature which is strong and fierce. It lives in the  Africa plains and hunt tons of different types of antelope. Lions  are common in Zoos all over the U.S.  (MORE)

Why do we have lions?

We have lions because (1) God created them and (2) we haven't quite killed all of them yet.
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Is the white lion an albino lion?

White lions are not albino. Instead, they are a variation of the Kruger lion supspecies, and simply have a color inhibitor gene. Their coloration varies from blonde to near wh (MORE)
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What is a cage?

A cage is an enclosure, made usually of bars, used normally to hold animals, such as a bird page, a tiger cage. The word cage can also be used to refer to the goal in an ice (MORE)

What are batting cages?

Batting cages are places where you go to practice your batting. They have a machine that will pitch the ball for you, and you stand there with a baseball bat and swing at the (MORE)