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Can a tadpole be in a cage?

me and my best friend are currently raising tadpoles we found at a pond near her house. we got an old fish tank that her sister had for her fish that died. It is perfectley fi (MORE)
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What are caged eggs?

  Caged eggs are laid by hens that are kept in tightly packed cages and not allowed to roam free. Most commercially sold eggs in the United States are caged eggs unless la (MORE)

What can a lion do?

Lions live in prides, hunting in groups, their prey includes widebeast, zebra, gazzelle and antolope. Lionesses do the hunting, and the males guards its territory, and the pri (MORE)

What is your rib cage for?

To protect your inner organs and to give us support in standing up. the ribs help you move or walk because if you don't have the ribs you wont be able to walk :-) :D

What is a lion?

A lion is a creature which is strong and fierce. It lives in the  Africa plains and hunt tons of different types of antelope. Lions  are common in Zoos all over the U.S.  (MORE)

Why do we have lions?

We have lions because (1) God created them and (2) we haven't quite killed all of them yet.
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What is a safety cage?

A safety cage is a cage built around an workstation to protect the person in it. In an automibile, the safety cage is that part of the body structure that surrounds and define (MORE)
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What is a cage?

A cage is an enclosure, made usually of bars, used normally to hold animals, such as a bird page, a tiger cage. The word cage can also be used to refer to the goal in an ice (MORE)

Do ferrets get out of their cages?

Ferrets need time out of their cage with human supervision of at least four hours daily, they cannot be kept continuously in a cage. However, ferrets are known as being good e (MORE)