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Where was Hampton court palace located?

I live in England, near Hampton Court. I don't think that it was ever moved, and has always been on the bank of the Thames in Hampton, on the way to Kingston. If you're look (MORE)

Who Lionel messi?

Lionel Andres Messi is an Argentinian footballer who currently  plays as a forward for the BBVA league, Barcelona. He is commonly  known as one of the greatest footballers i (MORE)

When was Hampton Court built?

A historic section of London, England. It includes Hampton Court Palace, built by Cardinal Wolsey in 1515 and appropriated by Henry VIII in 1526. George II was the last to use (MORE)

Why was Hampton Court Palace built?

Hampton Court Palace was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey, a  favorite of King Henry VIII. After he fell from favor, the palace  was passed to the King. The following ce (MORE)

Why is Hampton Court Palace there?

Hampton Court Palace is built on the River Thames in Surrey. The reason why it was built in the countryside was because Henry VIII, owner of Hampton Court Palace from 1529, en (MORE)