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What is lipid?

lipids are broadly defined as any fat- soluble, naturally-occurring molecules, such as fats, oils, waxes, cholesterol , sterols, fat-soluble vitamins
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What are lipids?

lipids are a broad group of naturally occurring molecules which includes fats, waxes, sterols, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E and K), monoglycerides, diglycer (MORE)
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What is a lipid?

lipids are the organic compound which are insoluble in water , soluble in organic solvents like alcohol , ether etc, closely related to fatty acids...... and utilized by livin (MORE)
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Lipids how do you get it?

Lipids are another name for fats. If you eat fatty foods, you will take in lipids.
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What has lipids in them?

lipids are fats found in food. some foods that contain lipids are cheese, cakes, butter, chips etc.. they are broken down by pancreatic lipases in the small intestine and (MORE)
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Solubility of lipids?

Lipids are generally insoluble in water. They are only soluble innonpolar organic solvents like benzene, acetone, chloroform andether.
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What makes a lipid a lipid?

Lipids are made of Carbon and Hydrogen molecules. They store long-term energy as fat within the human body. Examples: Olive oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc.
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Where do you get your lipids?

lipids can be found in anything you eat, certain foods just have more lipids than others. A lipid is made up of fat and cholesterol, the right amount of both are needed to sur (MORE)
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Why are lipids not macromolecules?

No, lipids are actually macromolecules. Lipids or fats are made up of fatty acids and glycerol. They are functioning as insulators, forms cell membrane, hormones, and can pro (MORE)