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What is gravity dam?

A gravity dam is a solid structure, made of concrete or masonry, constructed across a river to create a reservoir on its upstream. The section of the gravity dam is approxim (MORE)

Why are dams built?

Dams were originally build so that farmers could have water to irrigate their crops, or to provide a source of water for a village or town. Beavers built dams so they would ha (MORE)

Why are dams constructed?

There are three primary reasons for dam construction. in no particular order, they are: 1. flood control 2. hydroelectric power generation 3. water impoundment for public con (MORE)

Where is Boulder Dam?

  Boulder Dam is now called Hoover Dam. It is located on the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada.
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What are water dams?

  Water dams are blocks put on river and lake routes to stop the flow of water and corner it to be used for useful purposes.
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What is a flax dam?

Flax is a plant with blue flowers and a flax dam is not really a dam but a pool where bundles of flax (flowers) are placed
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What is dam?

A dam is a big wall to stop water getting through to certain places. It is also used to irrigate water, and some dams, to make hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity is electricit (MORE)

What does a river dam do?

It helps stop the water from overflowing and covering everything with water. we can use dams to save water, to grow food and we can make elecitrcity
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How were dams created?

They created through cement hard labor and a man who sits on his bottom and rakes all the money in C A M
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