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What are liposomes and what do they do?

Liposomes are small artificially created spheres enclosed by a phospholipid bilayer. The foreign DNA is packaged in the liposome , and then injected into the body.
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What is the function of a liposome?

Liposomes are nanometer size phospholipid vesicle containing aqueous phase inside its cavity. This hydrophobic phospholipid layer and the aqueous cavity can be used to load hy (MORE)

What are fusogenic liposomes?

A fusogenic liposome composition for delivering a liposome-entrapped compound into the cytoplasm of a target cell is described. The liposomes have an outer surface coating of (MORE)
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What was liposome designed for?

A liposome is a biological entity that consists of an inner vesicle surrounded by a lipid bilayer. The liposome was designed to deliver nutrients and medications to bodily tis (MORE)

How do you prepare and extrude liposomes?

I would recommend the T&T NanoSizer Liposome Mini Extrudersfrom T&T Scientific. These extruders use polycarbonatetrack-etched membranes. Each T&T NanoSizer Mini Extruder isful (MORE)

Is there an automated liposome extruder?

Yes, Of course. T&T Scientific NanoSizer AUTO. Patent pendingautomated NanoSizer™ Auto continuous extrusion equipment is nowavailable, enabling clean, fast, and inexpensi (MORE)