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Can a paper towel be substituted for a cheese cloth for straining liquid?

No. It's not as strong, and it's more absorbent, and if you try what you're going to wind up with is a big mess. It can work for some applications. For example it works well w (MORE)
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How do you get liquid paper off your skin?

there are a lot of different ways to get liquid paper off your skin. 1. Use warm to hot water on th area then scrub it off 2. Use baby oil or olive oil to wash it off 3. Use n (MORE)

Can A liquid can be diffused into another liquid?

Yes Diffusion is mainly gases property Diffusion is shown also by liquids but much less than the gases Liquids diffuse from solutions of higher concentration to solution (MORE)

How can a dried-up bottle of Liquid Paper be rescued?

  Try adding a tiny amount of Turpentine or a tiny amount of nail polish ramover to the botlle.
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What is liquid?

Liquid is a form of matter in which the molecules are packed close together but not fixed in place. If you put a stone (solid) into a pitcher, the stone keeps its shape. If y (MORE)

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What were paper sons and paper daughters?

The primary sources in this activity deal with the phenomenon of "paper sons and daughters," a scheme that allowed thousands of Chinese immigrants to gain entrance to the Unit (MORE)

What are liquid and non liquid assets?

Liquid assets are those considered easy to liquidate. Such as savings, money market accounts and cash on hand. Non liquid assets are difficult to liquidate. Certificates of de (MORE)
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Is liquid nitrogen a liquid or a solid?

Actually, it's really neither. Because nitrogen comes in three forms: it's originally gas, then it's liquid nitrogen, then it gets mixed with others and becomes solid. Althoug (MORE)

What is liquidity?

1. The state of being liquid. 2. The quality of being readily convertible into cash: an investment with high liquidity. 3. Available cash or the capacity to obtain it on deman (MORE)

What is paper?

Paper is wood (or plant) pulp flattened and compressed with a  binder. It is usually bleached to provide a white contrasting  surface for dark ink or pencil graphite--writin (MORE)