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What is liquidity?

1. The state of being liquid. 2. The quality of being readily convertible into cash: an investment with high liquidity. 3. Available cash or the capacity to obtain it on deman ( Full Answer )
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What is a liquid?

Liquid is one of the four states of matter (the others are solid, gas and plasma). A liquid has a definite volume (unlike a gas) and no definite shape (unlike a solid). Th ( Full Answer )
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What is liquidation?

Liquidation is the conversion of hard assets (land, buildings, equipment) into liquid assets (money). Basically, it means selling stuff. Usually you need to liquidate in order ( Full Answer )
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What is liquid?

Liquid is a form of matter in which the molecules are packed close together but not fixed in place. If you put a stone (solid) into a pitcher, the stone keeps its shape. If y ( Full Answer )
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What are liquid?

A liquid is a state of matter with a definite volume and no definite shape. Glad to help!
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How do liquids and liquid crystals differ?

Liquid crystals are certain long chain organic chemicals that, although liquid they have a strong tendency to align in "crystal like" arrays. Normal liquids have no (or very l ( Full Answer )
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About the liquid?

a liquid is a thick fluid type of a substance.for example water,milk blood etc.. proper definition: a substance that flows freely but if of constant volume,having consiste ( Full Answer )
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Why liquids are liquids?

The answer of this question is similar to the questions why solids are solid and gases are gas? The answer is that in solids the intermolecular forces between the atoms of sol ( Full Answer )
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What does liquid do?

Depends on what you do (or want to do) with it: shaking, heating, pumping, swimming in, etc. etc.