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Why is Saint Therese of Lisieux the patron of Russia?

Though she never left her convent in France and died at the tender age of twenty-four years old, St. Therese of Lisieux is said to have performed many miracles for the Russian (MORE)

Where is the burial place of Saint Therese of Lisieux?

St. Therese was originally buried in the Lisiuex Communal Cemetery, but then her body was moved to the Carmelite Chapel on March 26th, 1923.
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Why is St. Therese Lisieux called the Little Flower?

She was called the little flower because Love of God as a Father, expressed in childlike simplicity and trust. which means she showed her love for God as a child would so she (MORE)

How did Saint Therese of Lisieux show love for others?

  By doing small but wonderful things for others and expecting nothing in return. Tuberculosis at age 24.
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Why was Saint Therese of Lisieux canonized?

Pope Pius XI canonized Saint Therese of Lisieux on May 17, 1925.  She became a saint because of how she responded to the grace of the  Holy Spirit inside her and to God's lo (MORE)
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What is Saint Therese of Lisieux known for?

  She was known because she asked at a very young age if she could join the convent. Finally, the pope said yes. She died of tuberculosis around the age of 24. However, sh (MORE)