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List of religions that are not Christian?

Buddhism . Confucianism . Hinduism . Islam . Janism . Judaism . Paganism . Sikhism . Shintoism . Taoism . Zoroastrianism
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What is a list of all religions?

It would be impossible to list every single religion that has ever existed in human history - there are far too many of them. Consider, for example, that in ancient times, eve ( Full Answer )
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List of protestant types of religion?

Answer . church of england. moonies. Answer . Baptist Methodist Presbyterian Assemblies of God Any Pentecostal Churches and Evangelicals
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List of religion of the British colonies?

Puritan- Separatists first in Plymouth, later non-Separatists in Massachusetts Bay.. -->leads to Congregationalist church, Anglican church ultimately fails.. Catholic persecu ( Full Answer )
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What divisions within world religions can you list?

Well, in the Christianity Divion there is the Mormons. n christianty thers is loads salvation army roman atholic cathoic eveangelical protestant Mormons inde ( Full Answer )
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List 5 religions that believe in angels?

Most religions believe in some sort of "spiritual entity", though they may not apply the label "angel". So, right off the bat, you have the big three: Judaism, Christianity, I ( Full Answer )
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List of Japan's religions in percents?

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Since ancient times, Japanese philosophers have pondered basic, unanswerable questions abou ( Full Answer )
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Did Jews have problems with any other religions list the religions?

There are two ways to read this question: Did Jews encounter difficulties with other religions? Yes. Nearly all versions of Christianity and Islam caused problems for Jew ( Full Answer )
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What is the list of all the religions on Earth?

There are way, way too many religions to list all of them. The ones with more than 500,000 followers are listed below: . Christianity . Islam . Hinduism . Chinese tradit ( Full Answer )
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What are the list of major religions from young to old?

Being practiced today: Hindu, Zoroastrian, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, Bahai. There are many older religions that are no longer practiced. Mithraism is one. ( Full Answer )