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How does original jurisdiction differ from appellate jurisdiction?

Original and Appellate Jurisdiction refers to the types of cases that a particular court can hear. Courts that have only original jurisdiction are where cases are heard for th (MORE)
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What does it mean if a cheese is given appellation d'origine controlee?

The French Appellation d'Origine Controlee (AOC) in English means Controlled designation of origin. The AOC mark guarantees that the cheese originates from a specific region i (MORE)

Does the US Supreme Court have both original and appellate jurisdiction?

Yes. Original jurisdiction means the court is first to hear a case; these are often called trial courts. Appellate jurisdiction means the court reviews a case already tried in (MORE)

Does the court of last resort have original jurisdiction or appellate jurisdiction?

It exercises original jurisdiction in cases between states, although it has authority to hear other a few other classes of cases under original jurisdiction; otherwise, it onl (MORE)

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Where is cheese originally from?

As there are over 2,000 types of cheese, they have all originated from many different parts of the world, in countries such as Portugal, Spain and Denmark. The first cheese th (MORE)
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Define original and appellate jurisdiction?

The original jurisdiction is the jurisdiction in which charges are  originally filed by the court (or state). An appellate jurisdiction  is a court of appeals that takes a c (MORE)

What does appellate jurisdiction differ from original jurisdiction for federal courts?

With appellate jurisdiction, the case must already have been heard  and ruled on in a court with original jurisdiction (or a lower  appellate court) before it can by conside (MORE)