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What does Arabic word anayou mean in English?

if you talk about the word anayou in , it consist of 2 parts , ana (أنا) in arabic means I or me , and you which is in english, so the complete word soposed to b (MORE)

Arabic girls names with English translation?

hi, ok i' went to start with my name صباح and if we translat my name to English he be comme like this; sabah enother name ; مريم miriem ; دليلة dalila ; لبنة (MORE)

What does fie in Arabic mean in English?

Fi (في) means "in", but like most prepositions, its use is  determined more by the language than by literal translation.
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How do you you say do you speak English in Arabic?

if you are talking to a male you say: anta betkalam ingleasy? if your are talking to a female you say: anty betkalami ingleasy? :)
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Apwan in Arabic what meant in English?

Apwan is not an Arabic word. Arabic does not have the letter "p".    If you meant Afwan (عفواً) with an "f", it can mean either "you're  welcome" -- the response (MORE)