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How did the Armenians die in the Armenian genocide?

The Young Turks in 1915 had very nationalistic ideas in spreading the Ottoman Empire and creating a Pan Turkic nation by removing the Armenians, taking their belongings and la (MORE)

Who were the Armenians?

The Armenians (Armenian: Հայեր, Hayer) are a nation and an Indo-European ethnic group originating in the Caucasus and eastern Anatolia.The Armenians are one of the ancie (MORE)

How do you say I do not speak Armenian in Armenian?

Western Armenian dialect you would say Hayeren chem keeder or you could say Hayeren chem khoseer- which literally translates to "Armenian, I don't know" or "Armenian, I don't (MORE)

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What did they do to the armenians?

The Turks massacred 1,500,000 Armenians through 1915-1923.During 1895-1896 they massacred 200,000 and in 1909 they massacred 30,000. The Turks wanted to leave no Armenians in (MORE)
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What are armenians?

Armenians are people just like the Americans or any other people who live on the Earth.Only Armenian people are eveywhere around the earth because of what Turkish people did a (MORE)

What are Armenians talented at?

Armenians are very industrious, artistic and linguistic. If you go on youtube and type in famous armenians or famous armenian inventions you can get a slight idea of the vast (MORE)