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How big do asteroids get?

One of the smallest asteroids is just 20 feet across, but most are  much larger. The biggest known asteroid is 583 miles across. Its  name is Ceres.

What is the largest asteroid in the Asteroid Belt?

The largest body in the asteroid belt is Ceres, with a diameter of about 950 km. Although it has long been considered to be an asteroid, Ceres was classified as a "dwarf plane (MORE)

How small can a asteroid be?

An asteroid is a rocky object in space. It may be a broken part of a planet. The smallest observed asteroids are 10 meters in size . There may be many asteroids smaller than t (MORE)

Why is the asteroid belt there?

Most of the asteroids are pieces of rock left over from the formation of the Solar System and they stay between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt.
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Where is the location of asteroids?

There are three main clusterings of asteroids in our solar system: the Asteroid Belt, the first one identified, which is composed mostly of rocky asteroids, the Kuiper Belt, w (MORE)
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Is asteroid a noun?

Yes, asteroid is a noun. A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea, making an asteroid fall into that category. It is a thing, making it a noun. To conclude, asteroid is a nou (MORE)

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