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What do Muslims eat during Ramadan?

In Ramadan, Muslims eat once before dawn and then they fast all day until sunset. After sunset they can break their fast with whatever they want but it is recommended to break (MORE)
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Why do Muslims not eat during Ramadan?

Answer 1   They do eat. It's just that they eat after the sunsets.    Answer 2   The purpose for the daily fast is in order to attain ritual and  spiritual pur (MORE)
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How do Muslims worship during Ramadan?

During Ramadan, Muslims pray the 5 prayers and extra. They try to finish reading the full Qur'an as many times as they can. They make dua, pay zakkah, saddaqah, and try to not (MORE)
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When can muslims eat during ramadan?

Typically one breaks fast at dusk - or more accurately when one cannot distinguish a black thread from a white thread held up to the night sky. There are also many sensible (MORE)

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What do the Muslims do during the month of Ramadan?

during ramadan muslims are not eat any food and drinks, they perform suhoor (early morning 3 to 4.50 am, time may varies acording to countries) .in suhoor they eat and drink w (MORE)