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What is cheese for?

Cheese is a food that pairs well with many drinks and foods. Cheese is the main ingredient in many signature foods too like Cheese-Its or Mac N Cheese. Cheese is also a dairy (MORE)

List of British governors to tanganyika?

World History at KMLA   Page Number: 06c   Extract Date: 1916-1939  Tanganyika a British Mandate 1918-1939: Tanganyika's Governors    1916-1920 Horace Archer Br (MORE)

List the three-part government of the british colonies and tell what each part did?

A governor was appointed by the king or proprietor to head the colony and carry out the laws and decrees. Assisting and advising the governor, a council also enforced the king (MORE)

List governor general of british government in India?

Warren Hastings (1732--1818) | 20 October 1774 | 1 February 1785East India Company / 2 | Sir John Macpherson (acting) (1745--1821) | 1 February 1785 | 12 September 1786 / (MORE)

List british prime ministers?

Eighteenth Century Prime Ministers, period of office and political party   Sir Robert Walpole 1721-42 Whig  Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington 1742-3 Whig  Henry Pelham (MORE)