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Do Buddhists have priests?

No. Men who dedicate their lives to a Buddhist monastic way of life are Monks and women are Nuns. Any person with sufficient knowledge can lead a Buddhist ritual. Monks or N (MORE)

What is a Buddhist?

Buddhism is a family of beliefs and practices, considered by many to be a religion. A Buddhist is one who takes refuge in The Three Jewels: the Buddha (the Awakened One), the (MORE)

What do Buddhists eat?

All Buddhists do not eat meat or any other killed Animal Answer: I'm sorry, but that is not entirely true. It is wrong to group all Buddhists together and for that matter a (MORE)

What is Buddhist Awakening?

  Buddhist Awakening is another name for Enlightenment. This is a state of complete peace and realisation. All Buddhists seek to reach this as it will enable them to reach (MORE)

Do Buddhist have a hierarchy?

Yes, in a sense. There is the hierarchy of monks (and nuns) and  householders (or laypeople).    There is also a hierarchy in another sense. The Buddha spoke of  five (MORE)

What are the commandments of the Buddhists?

I hope I can be of some help. Many different schools of Buddhism have emerged sine the Buddha planted the seed of the practice 2500 years ago. I follow the Zen school of Bud (MORE)

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