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Does India have cities?

Yes. India have cities. Some of the cities are: 1) New Delhi 2) Mumbai 3) Kolkata 4) Chennai 5) Hyderabad 6) Bangalore 7) Pune 8) Ahmedabad 9) Thiruvananthapu (MORE)

List of states in India with its Capital City?

Jammu and Kashmir-Srinagar, Himachal Pradesh-Shimla, Punjab-Chandigarh, Haryana-Chandigarh, Uttaranchal-Dehradun, Delhi-Delhi, Rajasthan-Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh-Lucknow,Gujarat- (MORE)
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List of metro city in India?

The old metropolitan cities in India are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai. Recently, 4 more have been added to the list.The newly added metropolitan cities are Bangalore, Hy (MORE)

List of Education minister of India?

1. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (15th August 1947 to 22nd 1958), 2. Dr. K. L. Shrimali, 3. Humayun Kabir, 4. M. C. Chhagla, 5. Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed, 6. Dr. T. Sen, 7. Dr. V. K. V. (MORE)

List of top 100 cities in India with decending order in purchasing power parity?

Population1Greater MumbaiMaharashtra11,914,3982Delhi M.Corp.Delhi9,817,4393KolkataWest Bengal4,580,5444BengaluruKarnataka4,292,2235ChennaiTamilnadu4,216,2686AhmedabadGujarat3, (MORE)

List of cities in India by population above 10 lakhs?

आगरा Puri पुरी Faridabad फरीदाबाद Lucknow लखनऊ Raipur रायपुर Ajmer अजमेर Ghaziabad गाज़ियाबा (MORE)

List of tier 2 cities in India?

The list of tier 2 cities in India includes Bombay, Delhi, Madras,  Calcutta, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Tier 2 cities are the ones  which saw substantial IT activity and saw (MORE)

List of cellphone manufacturers in India?

First of all, they have phones just like the US. But listen to this, the Sony Ericsson P990i GSM900/1800/1900/UMTS Retail price quoted in Delhi Rupees 36,500. The phone costs (MORE)

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