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All list of pm india?

Jawahar Lal Nehru,Gulzarilal Nanda,Lal Bahadur Shastri,Gulzarilal  Nanda,Indira Gandhi,Morarji Desai,Charan Singh,Indira Gandhi,Rajiv  Gandhi,Vishwanath PratapSingh,Chandra (MORE)

Where can get the list of Management colleges in India?

Most of the students preffered Management studies nowadays.Because  it will gives the bright career future in their life.Before that  choosing right management college is th (MORE)

List of nationalised banks in India?

Allahabad Bank - Click here 2. Andhra Bank - Click here 3. Bank of Baroda - Click here 4. Bank of India - Click here 5. Bank of Maharashtra - Click here 6. Canara Bank - Clic (MORE)
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List of metro city in India?

The old metropolitan cities in India are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai. Recently, 4 more have been added to the list.The newly added metropolitan cities are Bangalore, Hy (MORE)

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List of central ministers of India?

The following are the list of the present Cabinet Ministers: Cabinet Minister Responsible Ministries Dr. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister : Ministries/Departments viz: Minist (MORE)

What is a list of extinct animals in India?

Extinct animals in India include bharattherium, exaeretodon,  gigantopithecus, hyperodapedon, and Indian aurochs. The first  fossil of bharattherium was discovered in 1989 a (MORE)

List of ministers in India of 2009?

Council of Ministers       Cabinet Ministers      Serial Number    Portfolio    Name of Minister      1.    Prime Minister and als (MORE)