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Why was Cairo's nickname the triumphant city?

  Answer     I live in Cairo , ( the meaning in Arabic means The city that could conquer invaders ) due to so many waves of armies that attacked it but they swep (MORE)

What is the nickname for New York City?

New York is called the Empire State because of one of the world's  tallest buildings. The City is called The Big Apple.    The nick name for New York City is " The Big (MORE)

What is the nickname for the city of Baltimore?

Excerpt from a July 18, 1995 article by Gilbert Sandler in the Baltimore Sun: "The nickname "Charm City" traces its 1975...; it grew out of creative conferences a (MORE)

What city in Britain has nickname The Smoke?

There is no British city exactly called "The Smoke". London in England, Britain, is nicknamed "The Big Smoke", in areference to the Great Fire of London. These British cites (MORE)

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