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Cinema hall list in India?

 We are cinema hall consultant in India.   Movie Theater (Cineplex/Multiplex) set up   Start To End Solution To Open A Cinema Hall Including Pre &  Post Launch Serv (MORE)

Cinema halls list in andhra pradesh?

andhra pradesh cinema theatres are around '2700' no's (date February 2007)...all over andhra
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Why are concert halls often designed as round or curved auditoriums?

1.Repeated reflections of sound from wall combine to build up a continuous sound which causes persistence of sound called as reverberation. 2.Concert halls and Auditoriums ar (MORE)

Which concert hall has the best acoustics?

Some of the best concert halls for acoustics include: Vienna Musikverein, Amsterdam Concert Gebow, Boston Symphony Hall, Vienna State Opera, New York Metropolitan Opera, Sydne (MORE)

Why are acoustics used in the design of concert halls?

hi erin Simply to improve the way travels throughout the room. The sound of music in halls (acoustics or reverberation) will be altered due to the timing of echoes within the (MORE)

Why are the ceilings of concert halls are curved?

In Concert Halls, music or other sounds are produced on the stage and must be carried through the air to people in the crowd. Some of these sound waves go directly to the peop (MORE)
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How is acoustics used in the design of concert halls?

Auditorium acoustics is a very specialized field at the intersection of acoustics and civil engineering. The two most important properties are Reverberation Control, and the (MORE)

How do concert halls have good acoustics?

Good acoustics involves careful design of the auditorium, with attention to proper sound reflection and absorbing characteristics at various points in the hall. In a hall with (MORE)
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How do opera singers sing over an orchestra in a concert hall?

Opera singers sing differently from pop singers. They are trained using their natural resonators in the head. Opera singers also use proper abdominal support to sustain and pr (MORE)