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How big is Brewster County in Texas?

  Brewster County TX is Big even for Texas at 6,193 square miles which is a hunk of ground that would hold the combined area of both Delaware and Rhode Island. It is not b (MORE)

Largest counties in Texas?

Texas' largest county by area is Brewster County with 6200 square miles, more or less.   Texas' largest county by population is Harris County with 3,400,578 (Census 2000).
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What counties in Texas are unincorporated?

Cities can be incorporated, counties cannot. That is one of the differences between the two covernmental structures. So all counties in Texas are unincorporated.
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What is average size of a Texas County?

  The land area of Texas is approximately 262,000 square miles, and Texas has 254 counties, so the average area is slightly over 1000 square miles per county. Brewster Cou (MORE)

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