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List of European countries and its language?

Russia - Russian Spain - Spanish France - French Italy - Italian Belgium - Dutch England - English Wales - Welsh Poland - Polish Bulgaria - Bulgarian Israel - Hebrew Ukraine (MORE)
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List the countries that are part of Europe?

Russia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Belarus Ukraine Moldova Romania Bulgaria Turkey Cyprus Greece Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Albania Montenegro Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Sloven (MORE)

A list of countries in the world GDP?

Rank CountriesAmountDate / # 1 | United States: | $13,201,820,000,000.00 | 2006 / # 3 | Japan: | $4,340,133,000,000.00 | 2006 / # 4 | Germany: | $2,906,681,000,000.00 (MORE)

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A list of all the eu countries?

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany and Greece are members of the European Union. Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuani (MORE)

List of countries in cold climate?

Alaska (USA), Sweden, Russia , Mongolia , Kazakhstan, Finland,  Norway, Estonia, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Belarus. These are the  coldest countries in the world.
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A list of countries?

· Argentina · Belgium · Cuba · Denmark · Ethiopia · Finland · Guatemala · Honduras · Indonesia · Jordan · Kenya · Luxembourg · Monaco (MORE)
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List countries by population?

RankCountry / TerritoryPopulationDate of estimate % of World populationSource / - | World | 6,925,500,000 | June 18, 2011 | 100% | US Census Bureau's World Population Clock / (MORE)