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Is English the official language of the US?

Yes it is. Wrong. No it certainly is not. While English may be the defacto language of the United States, there is no officially recognized language on the federal level. Ho (MORE)

How many countries have their official language as English?

I was looking through the list and surprisingly, the US doesn't have English or any other language for that matter as an official language. Here's the list of countries that d (MORE)
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What is the only Central American country where English is an official language?

Belize, which is the former British Honduras, is the only Central American country where English is an official language.
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What countries have Spanish as the official language?

Spanish is an official language only in these 14 countries: 1. Bolivia 2. Colombia 3. Costa Rica 4. Cuba 5. Ecuador 6. El Salvador 7. Equatorial Guinea (with Fre (MORE)

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What countries have English as an official language?

At least 58, including English speaking countries like the U.S. which have no official language, but which are predominantly English: Antigua and Barbuda Australia Baham (MORE)