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Is JFH a dance style?

jfh is a dance style. jfh is a dance style and it combines the genres or techniques of jazz funk and hip hop its fast paced and usually danced to pop music missy eliot usher a (MORE)

How many dance styles?

There are quite a few dance styles. Some of the common ones include: - Ballet - Classical Ballet - Neo-classical Ballet - Contemporary Ballet - Contemporary - Modern - Lyrical (MORE)

What is Christopher Bruce's style of dance?

Answer   Christopher Bruce is a very well know choreographer. His style of dance is based on human rights, and it varies between classical ballet and contemporary dance. (MORE)

Where is the list of categories and subcategories on WikiAnswers?

All the Categories on WikiAnswers Here is the link to all the top-level categories: If you want to find out which subcategories exist within a s (MORE)

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