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What is the list of foods a dog cant have?

Your veterinarian can give you a more thorough list, but here are  some main things that are poisonous or bad for dogs:   Dried fruit   Nuts   Peanuts   Butte (MORE)

Where can you find a list of dog breeders in Israel?

The best connection would be the Israel Kennel Club in Tel Aviv. Mrs. Packer speaks both English and Hebrew. The address is 17 Komemiut St. 69694, Tel Aviv, Israel. See the we (MORE)

List of the strongest dog breeds in the world?

Some of the strongest dog breeds are the English Mastiff, Great  Dane, Doberman, Rottweiler, American Pit Bull Terrier, St. Bernard,  and Boerboel. However, this is only a p (MORE)

Does Petland have a list of dogs they have on their site?

I don't know but please let me warn you about pet stores, even Petland those dogs come from bad places and tend to be unhealthy. If you are looking for a purebreed dogs contac (MORE)

What is the bsl list for dogs?

The dog sign is;   using the thumb, index and middle figers of both hand. Each hand is  helfd as though the fingers were picking somthing up fingers and  thumb facing do (MORE)