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What is dystopian fiction?

Dystopian fiction is a genre of literature that is set in a futuristic time. The society and it's people are regulated and seemingly "perfect". It is an attempt of the governi (MORE)

What are dystopian elements in 1984?

  The dystopian elements of Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984):   edited by Markus Zimmermann (CGD)     - a world a war   - transparent society   - surveillance, (MORE)

Can you list the similarities and differences between themes and morals in literature?

Themes and moral can be the same in the literature but their definitions are different. Theme is simply an outline, topic or a message of a plot of the literature. For examp (MORE)

What is dystopian literature?

Dystopian literature is the opposite of utopian literature. It is a incredibly unperfect world, where usually the government is controlling every decision of the general publi (MORE)

What is a dystopian novel?

A rhetorical novel in which the author presents a worst-case  scenario of society, with the implicit suggestion to prevent such  an image from becoming reality.

Can you list some common symbols in literature and what they represent?

A symbol can be a whole range of things: colors, objects, seasons, elements, places (natural or man-made), the weather, and even whole people (sometimes characters in novels a (MORE)

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