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List of IITs institutes?

The IITs Institutes IIT Kharagpur IIT Bombay IIT Kanpur IIT Madras IIT Delhi IIT Guwahati IIT Roorkee IIT Banglore New IITs IIT Rupnagar IIT Jaipur IIT (MORE)

Functions of an educational institution?

1 teaching basic skills such as functional literacy and numeracy 2 teaching knowledge and skills for speafic jobs 3transmitting the culture of the society in other words ,the (MORE)

What is your concept of education based on vedic culture and tradition in sanskrit?

vedic culture and traditionbelieves in individual soul(atman)which stress on each individual by which each student will be considered special with different potentialities.acc (MORE)

What if the church is the only educational institution?

There are many churches so the effects of having a church be the  only educational instutution would depend on which church or all of  them.   Whichever method is chosen (MORE)