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Is the English language a language of destruction?

Yes, agree. English, is a world international language and that's  great. But it's having too much of a dangerous effect on other  languages. Malaysians, Filipinos, Mexicans (MORE)

Sylvia plath married which English poet?

Sylvia Plath married British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. They were married from 1956 until her suicide in 1963.
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Who is blind poet in english literature?

John Milton was blind. He wrote "Paradise Lost"- one of his masterpieces during his blindness...
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What language is the parent language of English?

English is commonly referred to as a mongrel language, in that it doesn't have on specific parent language, but has evolved over the years from many different languages. In ge (MORE)

Is there a list of languages in the world?

As of 2011, the ethnologue catalogue lists 6,809 living languages. This number decreases every decade. Please refer to the Related link below.
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Comments on Abnish Singh Chauhan as a Poet and his English Poetry?

Comments on Abnish Singh Chauhan as a Poet and his English Poetry "A String of Words" (Collection of English Poems) by Marie Shine Abnish Singh Chauhan was born on 4th June (MORE)

Why English language called the international language?

English has become an internationally spoken language largely  because of the size of the British Empire. The British explored the  globe, settled in numerous regions such a (MORE)