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What is the eponym for nephroblastoma?

Nephroblastoma (kidney tumour) is also known as Wilms' tumour. Wilms specialized in tumours of the kidney, bladder and urogenital tract, and one of his significant conclusions (MORE)
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Can you list 20 adjectives?

  # spectacular  # gigantic  # monumental  # amazing  # creative  # clever  # comical  # athletic  # efficient  # colorful  # brilliant  # capable  # delicious (MORE)

List all adjectives from a-z?

There are thousands of adjectives in the English language. It would  take pages and pages to list them all. You could look through a  dictionary for examples of adjectives. (MORE)

A list of nouns and adjectives a to z?

Example list of nouns: A. apple B. balloon C. child D. door E. egg F. friend G. goat H. hair I. ice cream J. journal K. knee L. lesson M. manager N. noun O. opinion P. person (MORE)

What is a list of nouns and the adjectives derived from them?

Examples of adjectives derived from nouns:    awe - awful  boy - boyish  care - careful  democracy - democratic  end - endless  fun - funny  ghoul - ghoulish  hel (MORE)