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What is a list of famous composers?

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Johann Sebastian Bach   Ludwig van Beethoven   Josef Haydn   Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach   Franz Liszt   Georg Frideric Handel  (MORE)

List five state capitals named for famous people?

There are many capitals in the United States that were named after  famous people. Raleigh, North Carolina was named for Sir Walter  Raleigh. Montgomery, Alabama was named f (MORE)

List of founders of famous IT companies?

. Famous Founders who remained CEOs of companies they founded A list from Ben Horowitz & Marc Andresson2. Acer: Stan Shih3. Adobe: John Warnock4. Amazon: Jeff Bezos5. AMD: Jer (MORE)

List of famous people in japan?

Hideki Saijo (b. 1955) is a well-known TV personality in Japan. A  short list of famous athletes in Japan would be: Mitsuo Tsukahara  (b. 1947), Naoya Tsukahara (b. 1977), T (MORE)

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