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Can a man be a feminist?

Absolutely, there are many feminist men in the world. Any man who doesn't believe women should have equal rights is living in a delusional world. However this doesn't mean t (MORE)

Is the wife of bath's tale feminist?

Though the wife of bath is often associated with feminism, she has little to do with the movement. In her prologue, she often speaks of her ability of using words to manipulat (MORE)

What is the feminist criticism in Cinderella?

In most versions of the story, Cinderella is nothing more than an insecure house maid (or stereotypical woman) who has no courage to stand on her own two feet. Without the fai (MORE)

What was the goals of the feminist movement?

The feminist movement came in three waves with goals. The first waves goal was essentially to gain the right to vote. The second wave goal was the right to be equal to men in (MORE)

What is feminist dictatorship?

USA is an example of a fully developed feminist dictatorship.  Feminists control government, courts, police, media, education, mainstream religions ....  ............And t (MORE)

Where did the feminist movement start?

First, it should be noted that the word "feminism" did not begin to mean "a movement about equality for women" until the 1890s. What came to be called feminism did not start i (MORE)

What do feminists believe?

Feminists believe that men and women should be equal within  society. Modern feminism is increasingly intersectional, this means  recognizing that other forms of oppression (MORE)

What is meant by feminist theatre?

Feminist theatre is a genre that came to be widely recognised,  theorised, studied and practised in the wake of the seventies'  Women's Liberation Movement; it has generally (MORE)