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Can a man be a feminist?

Absolutely, there are many feminist men in the world. Any man who doesn't believe women should have equal rights is living in a delusional world. However this doesn't mean t (MORE)

Was Hannah hoch a feminist?

Hannah Hoch is most famous for her Dadaist work in the 1920s and 30s. She was the only significant female Dada artist in Berlin. Hoch was known for being a pioneer of the "pho (MORE)

What is the theory of a feminist?

Feminist theory extends the feminism movement into theoretical and/or political discourse. Feminists aim to understand and bring awareness to gender inequality and the promot (MORE)

What is feminist dictatorship?

USA is an example of a fully developed feminist dictatorship.  Feminists control government, courts, police, media, education, mainstream religions ....  ............And t (MORE)

What does the organization Feminists for Life do?

They are an extremist anti-abortion group that supports choices that only include giving birth. They are against abortion, birth control, and contraceptives. Choices that femi (MORE)

What do feminists believe?

Feminists believe that men and women should be equal within  society. Modern feminism is increasingly intersectional, this means  recognizing that other forms of oppression (MORE)

What is a feminists perspective on religion?

God is a bully. He only presents Himself as male to humiliate women. These are negative perspectives. In fact; there has been a lot of dispute over the interpreted gender of (MORE)