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Who are the most famous serial killers?

I will define famous as name recognition, or most recognized name. Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Rameriz, Kenneth Bianci and Angelo Bono, David Berkowit (MORE)

Who are some famous serial killers?

Unfortunatly, it is an ever-increasing list. Probably the most well known or infamous killer would be 19th century London's Jack The Ripper. The Ripper's victims of choice wer (MORE)

Why was Hitler called a serial killer?

Hitler did kill a lot of people just like serial killers do, but Hitler can rather be called a mass murderer than a serial killer.
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Why are there no Jewish serial killers?

Actually there is a number of Jewish serial killers.    Joel Rifkin, Jewish. Convicted of the murder of nine women but  believed to have killed 17.    David Ber (MORE)
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List of famous horror movie serial killers as many as possible?

Halloween (Michael Myers) The Texas chainsaw Massacre (leatherface and family, based on ed gein) saw (jigsaw) Henry - portrait of a serial killer (Henry - true story) (MORE)

Are they any serial killers in Louisiana?

There have been serial killing investigations in Louisiana in the  past and some investigations are being started recently. Ronald  Joseph Dominique, Sean Vincent Gillis, Jo (MORE)

Was frank buTler a serial killer?

In the 1890s, a mysterious man arrived in Sydney. Having many  aliases, the main one he used was Frank Butler. After a long  criminal past, he headed for Sydney with a stole (MORE)

What percentage of serial killers did Africa have?

There are no precise numbers for the African continent but South Africa has 18 confirmed serial killers. According to FBI statistics %76 of serial killers are American. Europe (MORE)

Was Marie Antoinette a serial killer?

No, and the plight of France was not her responsibility She was  innocent of any crimes.   There was no logical reason to execute Marie Antoinette, she should  have been (MORE)