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What is a serial killer?

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people. They differ from mass murderers in that they have a cooling off period between kills. an example of a serial ki (MORE)

Do serial killers have super ego?

"super ego" is a Freudian concept. Freud saw the super ego as the part of the psyche that limits behavior to meet social norms. He would probably argue that serial killers hav (MORE)

Who was the first child serial killer?

Mary Flora Bell was convicted in December 1968 of the manslaughter  of two boys, Martin Brown (aged four years) and Brian Howe (aged  three years). Bell was ten years old at (MORE)
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List of famous horror movie serial killers as many as possible?

Halloween (Michael Myers) The Texas chainsaw Massacre (leatherface and family, based on ed gein) saw (jigsaw) Henry - portrait of a serial killer (Henry - true story) (MORE)

List of fictional characters?

Sharks in Mythology, Legends and Folklore   Isonade, an enormous, shark-like sea monster said to live off the coast of Matsuura and other places in Western Japan   Shark (MORE)

Why are serial killers killers?

Well, that's a good question. Why does anyone kill? There are plenty of theories, but barely any of them cover the motives of convicted serial killers. There are many theories (MORE)
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Where can you find a list of the worst female serial killers?

Wikipedia serial killers by country. This lists both sexes so you  will have to pick out the females as needed.    ANSWER: Wilkipedia's list of female serial killers i (MORE)

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