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Where were Star Wars' desert scenes filmed?

  The Tatooine desert scenes were filmed in Tunisia. Mos Eisley was filmed in Tozeur, which is on the tourist route. The Lars' varaptor farm (Attack of the Clones, Revenge (MORE)

What parts of sunshine 2007 film is scary and gory?

The movie is about relighting the sun and there are big risks of burning from the sun's heat. A person freezes in space near the middle part and his eyes become cloudy. This (MORE)
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Where was the subway scene from The Wiz filmed?

The subway station scenes were filmed at the decommissioned Court Street IND station in Brooklyn, NY, also known as the NYC Transit Museum. The normally bland concrete floors (MORE)
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List of all the scene it games?

 Movie Edition  Deluxe Movie Edition  Deluxe Sequel  Junior Edition  Music Edition  TV Edition  Harry Potter 1st Edition (2005)  Harry Potter 2nd Edition (2007)  Har (MORE)

Films with Mark Wahlberg films list?

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (rumored) (announced) 2013 2012Contraband (pre-production) 2012Ted (pre-production) 2010The Fighter Mickey Ward2010The Other Guys Terry Hoitz201 (MORE)
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What is the memorable scene from the film Citizen Kane?

The one most film historians refer to is the scene when Kane's first wife is remembering their life together. It's a montage where they are having dinner and talking. The came (MORE)

What was the last scene Bruce Lee filmed?

Bruce Lee finished filming Enter the Dragon in March 1973 with the  Warner Bros crew. He wanted a more punchy and philosophical start  to the film, so in April when the Warn (MORE)