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What parts of sunshine 2007 film is scary and gory?

The movie is about relighting the sun and there are big risks of burning from the sun's heat. A person freezes in space near the middle part and his eyes become cloudy. This (MORE)

Where was Marked for Death filmed?

Marked for Death was filmed in Monrovia, California; Carpinteria, California; Santa Clarita, California; Los Angeles; Chicago; and Jamaica.
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Films with Mark Wahlberg films list?

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (rumored) (announced) 2013 2012Contraband (pre-production) 2012Ted (pre-production) 2010The Fighter Mickey Ward2010The Other Guys Terry Hoitz201 (MORE)

Where was juke box scene filmed in Top Gun?

the place where they played the Piano is the Kansas City Barbeque in San Diego. The owners are from Kansas City but live in San Diego. we actually went there for vacation...
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Where was the opening scene filmed in casino royale?

The opening scene of Casino Royale was filmed at the Danube House  in Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic. Other filming location for the  movie include the Strahov Monastery, (MORE)

Where was the swimming hole scene filmed in the Notebook?

The salt-water stream behind the main house at Boone Hall  Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. The main house there was  used as Allie's father's home.
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