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What can the sugar glider do?

They can glide, eat, sleep, crab, jump, bite, scratch, cling, have a joey, clean themselves, strech, yawn, hiss, run, snuggle, whatever they want do : ) Sugar gliders are adep (MORE)

Where can you get sugar gliders?

Do a Google search for Sugar Glider Breeders in your area. Be sure to skip the first several results, as they are always mills, and you definitely don't want to purchase from (MORE)

What can a sugar glider do?

Well,Sugar Gliders are amazing cute creatures soo...they and glide to the air like a flying squirrel.They really love toys so you can give them a toy car to ride in,put them i (MORE)

Where do you get a sugar glider?

You can occasionally find sugar gliders on Craigslist. Another option would be to find a breeder. You should always visit the breeder and check out their operation before you (MORE)

What are gliders made of?

Parts of Glider A glider has many of the same parts as an airplane: * fuselage * wings * control surfaces * landing gear But, there are significant differences in th (MORE)

Where can you get a sugar glider?

Usually at pet stores, sometimes from special breeders. Your best pet is going to a breeder. The reason is that pet stores very rarely know how to care for these exotic pets, (MORE)

What is a Glider Pilot?

During WW2, pilots were trained to fly gliders that would carry infantry to a landing site. The infantryment were called glider infantrymen and went through paratrooper traini (MORE)

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