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Did a Guggenheim die on the titanic?

Yes. Benjamin Guggenheim traveled with his French mistress, singer Leontine Aubert. During the sinking, it was Guggenheim that was thought to have said "we have dressed in our (MORE)
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Did Mrs Guggenheim survive the Titanic?

Millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim was travelling on the Titanic with a lady friend. His wife and family were at home in New York. Guggenheim and his manservant helped women and (MORE)
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What is the difference between scholarship and fellowship award?

From Penn State website:What is the difference between a scholarship, a fellowship, a grant and a loan?A scholarship is an award given by an organization or institution to fun (MORE)

Is there a list of recipients who were awarded purple hearts in World War 2?

From what I can gather, records during WW 2, Vietnam, Korea are sketchy at best. The Purple Heart was sometimes awarded on the spot, and not always noted in journals. No list (MORE)
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What is a fellowship?

The word 'fellowship' is a noun, a word for:    a friendly relationship with others, especially with people who  share one's interests;  the status of a scholar called (MORE)

What are some quotes about fellowship?

  "A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out." -George Bernard Shaw "A habit of devout fellowship with God is the spring of all our life, and the (MORE)