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List of Indians who won Academy Awards?

  Anthony Quinn won for Viva Zapata in 1952 and Lust For Life in 1956. (Quinn is often considered Hispanic but I base my contention on several remarks he made on The Actor (MORE)
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Did Mrs Guggenheim survive the Titanic?

Millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim was travelling on the Titanic with a lady friend. His wife and family were at home in New York. Guggenheim and his manservant helped women and (MORE)
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What is the difference between scholarship and fellowship award?

From Penn State website:What is the difference between a scholarship, a fellowship, a grant and a loan?A scholarship is an award given by an organization or institution to fun (MORE)
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What is a fellowship?

The word 'fellowship' is a noun, a word for:    a friendly relationship with others, especially with people who  share one's interests;  the status of a scholar called (MORE)

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What is feminine for fellowship?

Even though "fellowship" has the word "fellow" in it, it is not intended to exclude females. Possible synonyms that emphasize the exclusive participation of females are: siste (MORE)