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Who where the 1930's heavyweight boxing champions?

  The World Heavyweight Boxing champions were (in order)   Max Schmeling (Germany Won title June 12,1930 from Jack Sharkey on 4th round disqualifaction in NYC   Jack (MORE)
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How many white heavyweight boxing champions?

John L Sullivan James J Corbett Bob FitzSimmons Jim Jeffries Marvin Hart Tommy Burns Jess Willard Jack Dempsey Gene Tunney Max Schmeling Jack Sharkey Primo Carnera Max Baer Ji (MORE)

Who was the first heavyweight boxing champion of the world?

Although there was no formal boxing organization until 1921, John L. Sullivan is considered by historians to have been the first heavyweight champion of the world. His reign w (MORE)
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Who where the 1960s heavyweight boxing champions?

ingemar johannson, crossing over from 1959 Floyd Patterson, who regained the title from ingo in 1960 Charles "sonny" liston, who twice knocked out Floyd in the first round (in (MORE)
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What is the list of all past heavyweight champions?

Heavyweight Champions Champions John L. Sullivan 1885-92 James J. Corbett 1892-97 Bob Fitzsimmons 1897-99 James J. Jeffries 1899-1905 Jeffries Retired as Undefeated (MORE)
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Who was the heavyweight champion in boxing in 1979?

Actually there were 3 Title Holders in 1979:   Muhammad Ali announced his retirement on September 6, 1979 and the WBA title was declared vacant. John Tate then beat Gerrie (MORE)
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Heavyweight boxing champion in 1994?

A total of three American men held the title of Heavyweight Boxing  Champion in the year 1994. They were Evander Holyfield, Michael  Moorer, and Oliver McCall. Additionally, (MORE)