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List the beatitudes?

The Beatitudes are eight commands that Christians believe Jesus gave to them to follow so that they could get to Heaven. They are the following: Blessed are the poor in spirit (MORE)

List of halogens?

  Group VII (group seven) of the periodic table. They are all halogens. These are: F - fluorine Cl - chlorine Br - bromine I - iodine At - astatine
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What is a listing ship?

  This is a ship that is leaning on one side or the other.
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What is A-list celebrities?

I'm not positive but i think it means like the top celebs    To expand on the first answer, A-list celebrities are the  well-known celebrities. There are technically d (MORE)
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A list of alliterations?

A: An ape ate an avocado. B: Baby bananas beat buckwheat bread. C: Can candles chuck computers? D: Dogs dig dumb ditches. E: Epic Elephants eat edible eggs. F: Fishy (MORE)

Who is Georg Listing?

Georg Listing is the bass player from the band TOKIO HOTEL [they rock!] He was born in Germany on 31 March 1987.He is only child and is also the oldest out of the band. He is (MORE)

Can I have a list of evolutions?

Pokemon Evoultions   Leaf Stone   Execute evolves into Executor   Gloom can evolve in bellosom or vileplum   lombre evolves into ludicolo   Oddish evolve into (MORE)