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Who was the Jewish American Cabinet member?

The first Jewish american to hold a position in the president's  cabinet is Juda P. Benjamn of the Confederate States of America  1861-1865. He served a the Secretary of Sta (MORE)

Who was the Jewish financier of the American Revolution?

Hayim Saloman Haym Salomon was a hero and a fervent patriot whose love of liberty and business acumen combined made him a vital force for the War of Independence. Born in Pol (MORE)

Do you have to be Jewish to get into the American Jewish University?

No. Most American Jewish Universities have a historic Jewish  affiliation but similar to historic Catholic Universities, not  being the designated religion does not make ent (MORE)
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Who is on the millionaire musicians list?

Depends on what type of musicians you want to know about... but  young artists like Adele, Rihanna, justin timberlake, beyonce and  miley cyrus are in that list. Paul McCart (MORE)

List of Jewish people that were killed?

Well , he only tried to wipe the whole Jewish nation out , so no he doesn't like Jewish people personaly i thnk there was something wrong with Hitler. But there you go. I coul (MORE)

Why did Jewish musicians survive the concentration camps?

By no means did all of them survive - many, many Jewish musicians died in the concentration camps. But if you were a good musician, it bought you time. The Gestapo liked to ha (MORE)
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Why do Americans celebrate Jewish holidays?

American who are Jewish usually celebrate the Jewish holidays,  while most other Americans do not. In the same way, Americans who  are Muslim usually celebrate the Islamic h (MORE)

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What is a list of the Jewish festivals?

Many of these holidays are found in Leviticus ch.23. The holidays begin at sunset and last until after nightfall around 25hours later. A list of Jewish holidays, fasts and o (MORE)