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What is the sanskrit word for mouse?

  Hi I am Sudipto Kumar Mukherjee from Kolkata (India): email id:   The Sanskrit word of 'Mouse' is 'Mushak'   One interesting point is se (MORE)

What is the meaning of the Sanskrit word 'Pranashyati'?

lord krishna's grace!! praNashyati = is destroyed. This verb in Present Tense (vartamAna-kAla/laT) is part of a sentence. " na me bhaktaH praNashyati " = My devotee shall not (MORE)

What is the meaning of Sanskrit word asou?

eShaH.eShA/etat(एषः/एषा/एतत्) are the pronouns that are used in masculine/feminine/neuter near-point references. That means when one stands close by you in (MORE)

What is the sanskrit word for travel?

The Sanskrit word for travel is 'pravaasaha' प्रवासः Maybe there are other words I don't know, but this word is found practically everywhere.
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How do you read the years in sanskrit words?

Let's read 1965. The rule in Sanskrit is a~NkAnAM vAmato gatiH [अङ्कानां वामतो गतिः]. So we start with the 65 and say pa~ncaShShtyuttara-and (MORE)

What is the sanskrit word for internet?

antarjAla is the word for Internet in Sanskrit, that is in use. Strictly speaking the prefix is antaH means inside as in antaHkaraNa = inner-organ(= Intuition); maybe the word (MORE)