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What is the Sanskrit word for 'courier'?

Dhoot a courier in sanskrit is called Dhoot for example check references for meghdhoot mens the messenger in the form of clouds. actually not the courier but the carrier of th (MORE)

What is the Sanskrit word for 'three'?

Three in sanskrit is called " TRITIYA" Three as a number name is called: trINi[त्रीणि] (Neuter); tisraH[तिस्रः]; triH[त्रिः] These are the nu (MORE)

What is the sanskrit word for body?

sharIram(N), kalevaram(N) = Body; deham(N) = Body of someone who is old and in the second half of his her life i.e closer to death than one who is growing. That is a growing b (MORE)

What is the Hindi or Sanskrit word for father?

Pita is the word for father in Hindi and pitr is the sanskrit word for the father. (Twom eva maata cha pitaa twom eva- You(God) are the father and Mother is the eg,) Pitru bh (MORE)

What is the Sanskrit word for medicines?

  Sanskrit words for medicine:   chikitsa= internal medicine   bhaishaja= the field of medicine   aushada= an herb or a medicine   refer to AYURVEDA: A COMPREH (MORE)

What is the Sanskrit word for 'soul'?

great soul The above does not say what the word for soul is in Sanskrit. Befor attempting to give the equivalent word for "soul" in Sanskrit it must be noted that the word Atm (MORE)

What is the Sanskrit word for 'revolution'?

Social Revolution (e.g.: French Revolution) = KRANTI Revolution of an object around another = PARIKRAMAA
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What is the meaning of the word sanskrit?

SaMskR^itaM[संस्कृतम् ] is one of the many names of the language. The others are gairvANIगैर्वाणी][, gIrvANavANI[गीर्वाणवा (MORE)

What was the Sanskrit word for union?

The word 'yoga' is correct for union if meant in the esoteric sense. i.e, the union of the Individual Soul(jIvAtma) with Universal Soul (paramAtma/God) is meant. If worker's u (MORE)