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What is the list of grievances?

A list of grievances is a list with full details of real or  perceived issues that cause feelings of resentment or indignation.  The person or group that is writing the list (MORE)

What is a prep list?

A "prep list" details all the ingredients which will need to be prepared before anything is actually cooked. E.g peeling carrots, washing lettuce etc... It is sometimes also r (MORE)

What is a syndetic list?

If a list is syndetic, it will have the word 'and' before the last article in the list. It is the opposite of an asyndetic list which does not have an 'and' in it. Example: th (MORE)

Do you have reference list?

Yes I do have reference list which I can provide when I will be asked. I do have very good contacts in my local market with concern to my current work. 
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What is the GRAS list?

GRAS is a regulatory acronym that stands for "Generally Recognized as Safe". The GRAS list is updated routinely by the FDA and FSIS in the United States and contains food ingr (MORE)

What is marketing list?

A marketing list is a list of prospective clients (customers) compiled by companies that specialize in making these lists which they sell to people who have something to marke (MORE)

List of alkalis?

List of Alkali:   Lithium hydroxide   Sodium hydroxide   Potassium hydroxide   Rubidium hydroxide   Caesium hydroxide   Francium hydroxide   Stront (MORE)

What is concurrent list?

Concurrent list is divided into two parts. The legislative and  administrative powers. It is the Part XI of India's Constitution,  concerned with Union and States relations. (MORE)

What is a list of polygons?

A list of polygons would include the triangle, quadrilateral,  pentagon, octagon, and the hexagon. Some additional polygons are  the enneagon, the heptagon, the dodecagon, a (MORE)