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What effect do you think religious pluralism and the interfaith movement will have on the future of organized religion?

For many organized religious groups, it's not about helping people gain personal spiritual empowerment but blind and swift indoctrination and total dependency on THEIR way, of (MORE)
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List the main types of mass movement?

a slump- a curved surface in the land a creep- sediment and trees lean downhill (slowly) rockfalls and rock slides- rocks break lose and tumble and fall downhill mudflow-it f (MORE)
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Is Chinese New Year a religious festival?

No, Chinese new year has the same meaning as the international new year on 1st January, but based on a traditional Chinese calender instead of a modern international calendar. (MORE)

List books in New Testament?

Depending on the version of the Bible, there are from 12 to about 85 different "books" in the New Testament. There's no one Bible; each time there was a Church formed that was (MORE)

Is there a list or roster of members of the NC Regulators movement?

Acuages John Adams, James Adams, Thomas Adams, William Aiken Jones Albright, William Aldridge, James Aldridge, Nathan Aldridge, Nicholas Alexander, William (MORE)

What are the differences between roman catholic churches and the new religious movement scientology?

This is an intelligent question. Religion comes from Latin, meaning to fear the gods. Major religions that came off that line are Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, and (MORE)

How did religious disagreement lead to new colonies?

Colonists wanted, and yearned for religious freedom. If people did  not want to follow a religion held in a certain colony, they formed  their own religion. If they had enou (MORE)