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What are religious pluralism the interfaith movement and the responses to other faiths in todays religious world?

Religious pluralism--understanding and accepting that there is more than one religion. Interfaith movement--many religions work together on common goals such as social justi (MORE)

What are the differences between roman catholic churches and the new religious movement scientology?

This is an intelligent question. Religion comes from Latin, meaning to fear the gods. Major religions that came off that line are Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, and (MORE)

Is New Zealand a religious country?

New Zealand is not a very religious country because there is such a large mixture of cultures -Pakeha, Maori, Chinese, Indian, Asian, African, American even. The first relig (MORE)

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What are characteristics of a religious movement?

Religious movements have many characteristics. The first is a set of beliefs that all members of the movement subsrcibe to. The second is a leader, who is often charismatic. T (MORE)