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What does the SIIA do to generate a list of potential pirated sites?

The SIIA is the Software and Information Industry Association that  works to protect the industry from malicious threats. To generate a  list of potential pirated sites, SII (MORE)

How would pirates become pirates?

Most pirates were once sailors for the navy that were veterans of war. However when peace came these men lost their jobs and were forced to do what ever they could to survive. (MORE)
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Did pirates wear pirate hats?

Some did, some didn't. It's good to have your head covered when at sea for so long as they were. (Seagulls are known to be dirty birds) The more affluent pirates usually wore (MORE)

What did pirates do?

Pirates were private sailors who attacked and robbed ships, and plundered villages for their "loot", or stolen valuables. Some classic pirates were actually mercenaries or pri (MORE)
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Who were pirates?

    pirates were people who were on ships and had treasures maps to find treasures  
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Where are pirates?

They're criminals at sea basically.. The hijack other ships steal whatever they want take hostages sometimes and if they want they just might kill you. And yes, pirates STILL (MORE)

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