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Who was the first player in the Major League Baseball?

  The first MLB was in 1871 and called the National Association. There were nine teams in the League representing the cities of Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Washington, (MORE)

What is a player option in Major League Baseball?

'Player Option' is a term for a clause written into a player's contract that allows the player to extend the length of the contract for one year at a predetermined salary.  (MORE)

Smallest player in Major League Baseball?

On August 19, 1951, at Sportsman's Park in St. Louis the St. Louis Browns were playing a doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers.  In between games a 3 foot 7 inch, 65 pound (MORE)

What are the benefits for a Major League Baseball player?

Major league baseball players have a variety of benefits. I will just scratch the surface of a few. Players do make a lot of money. In their rookie year, they can make over 20 (MORE)

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