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What is the meaning of 'portmanteau'?

  A portmanteau is a large suitcase. By extension, a portmanteau word is one that packs two meanings into one word: brunch (breakfast and lunch); smog (smoke and fog); sli (MORE)

What is a portmanteau word?

  Answer     A type of epithetic compound invented by Lewis Carroll in which parts of two descriptive words are combined into a single word. One famous example i (MORE)

Who is Georg Listing?

Georg Listing is the bass player from the band TOKIO HOTEL [they rock!] He was born in Germany on 31 March 1987.He is only child and is also the oldest out of the band. He is (MORE)
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Is 'tumtum' a portmanteau?

Lewis Carroll never offered an explanation for the word 'tumtum' but, owing to its structure, it is unlikely to be a portmanteau.    Other portmanteau words combine two (MORE)

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